The Clover Leaf Archery Club is dedicated to the promotion of archery in all its forms as a safe, family oriented, recreational activity


Clover Leaf Archery Club

P.O. Box 89

Milford Square, PA 18935


Physical address for GPS
2080 Umbreit Road, Milford Square, PA 18935


Monthly Highlights

May 9 &10 3D Shoot (UBASS)

May 19th members meeting 7pm

May 31st 3D Shoot (UBASS)

June 14th 3D Shoot (UBASS)

June 16th members meeting 7pm

July 12th 3D Shoot (UBASS)

July 21st members meeting 7pm

Aug 9th 3D Shoot (UBASS)

Aug 18th members meeting 7pm


UBASS Shoots are open to the public!



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Note: the membership of the club has voted to exclude crossbows at our 3-D courses except for those who hold a handicap permit.



Please consider that our  3D course is an OUTDOOR FIELD course!  It is usually muddy and wet, please be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear! Insulated and /or waterproof boots are recommended.

Additional Information


Clover Leaf Archery will be hosting a charity shoot to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project in August 2015! This will be a 2-day event with food, fun, vendors and of course archery! Details to follow.



Upper Bucks Archery Super Series (UBASS) 3D shoots begin at CLAC in April! These shoots are open to the public! See the News page for official rules and info!

Click HERE to view the membership application.








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Clover Leaf Archery Club was originally Clover Leaf Archery and Conservation Association. The name was eventually shortened but we still keep true to our conservation roots. A recent study of our club grounds showed 22 varieties of birds including two different species of woodpeckers!