Clover Leaf Archery Club
2080 Umbreit Road, Milford Square, PA 18935


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The Clover Leaf Archery Club is dedicated to the promotion of archery in all its forms as a safe, family oriented recreational activity. To this end, we provide indoor and outdoor practice facilities, a hunter field course, scheduled 3-D target shoots and winter archery leagues. To keep costs of these offerings affordable, the club expects its members to volunteer their time as needed to maintain club property and ranges, which would require the services of a paid staff.

Membership Types



On February 19th, 2012 during the General Membership meeting the following changes were agreed upon by unanimous vote:


Active - New ($40)   

Active - Renewal ($40)

Active - New Extended ($60)* 

Social - New ($80)    

Social - Renewal ($80)

Social - New Extended ($120)*


These changes are effective March 1, 2012!


* Extended Memberships are offered for new members applying after July 1st which covers the dues for the balance of the current calendar plus the following calendar year. This applies to the members initial application only.


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